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The Paleochristian necropolis of Tarragona incorporates a new audio guide

23 December 2020

The Paleochristian necropolis of Tarragona expands its interpretive and informative resources, becoming more accessible to the public, with the incorporation of a free audio guide in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and French), as part of the Visitmuseum project.

The audio guide of the Necropolis, approximately 36 minutes long, divided into 15 audio tracks, offers to visitors a tour of the three different areas that make up the museum complex: the Interpretation Center "The World of Death", where the most important pieces discovered during the excavations are exhibited, the archaeological site of the necropolis and the Paleochristian Complex of Francolí, located in the Parc Central shopping center.

The main protagonists of the story are two characters who dialogue with each other, a narrator-archaeologist, knowledgeable about the site, who provides us with data and information, and a curious visitor who asks questions about the archaeologist's story. Thus, a dynamic is established that favors understanding and at the same time gives dynamism to the story, with an attractive and accessible discourse aimed at all ages. All this with the main idea of transmitting all the information with a close and friendly discourse, without losing rigor and accuracy in the contents. The script was written by Àlex Rebollo, creator of cultural products and heritage manager.

The audio guide of the Necropolis, produced by the Agència Catalana del Patrimoni Cultural, the MNAT and Lastcrit, can be listened to free of charge from the visitor's own mobile device through the Visitmuseum website, or from the tablets provided by the museum facilities.

This year also adds as a new feature the adaptation of the audio guide of the MNAT- TARRACO/MNAT Synthesis Exhibition, in Tinglado 4, in Catalan Sign Language, with the aim of making the museums more accessible.

This adaptation has been carried out in collaboration with FESOCA -Federation of Deaf People of Catalonia- and has been carried out in compliance with the recommendations of the Museum Plan 2030.

The audioguide is part of the Visitmuseum program that this year, in 2020, has produced 5 new audio guides to add to the existing ones: MNAT-Necropolis Paleochristiana, Museu de Guissona Eduard Camps i Cava, Museu d'Història de la Immigració de Catalunya, Museu d'Arenys de Mar and Museu Etnogràfic de Ripoll.

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