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THE MNAT at a clic

Through the Sketchfab platform you can get to know the Museum's collection in 3D and explore every last detail of the pieces. You can also visit the Google Arts & Culture APP where you will find some of our most important pieces in high resolution.

Explore the collection in 3D

MNAT has initiated a 3D digitization program of its most significant collections in partnership with the US non-profit company Global Digital Heritage (GDH).

Through 3D technology, we bring our collections closer to the public and make them more accessible to everyone, take a look at our gallery!

Experiment with the 3D museum pieces

Google Arts & Culture - MNAT Collection

The National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona is part of the Google Arts & Culture project that integrates an app and a website where you can explore collections from various museums in over 70 countries.

On our website you can enjoy some of the works of the collection in large format and in a very high resolution to appreciate the smallest details.

Discover the pieces of the MNAT

What do the museum pieces tell us about?

"What do the pieces of the Museum tell us about?" is a set of resources that allow you to work on a piece of the Museum through games and manipulative workshops.
Youtube video
Youtube video

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