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The defense of heritage

What is heritage? What heritage should be preserved? From the discovery of the Roman theater of Tarragona and the citizen movement for its defense, we will reflect on what is heritage and we will end up realizing a project for the safeguard of the local heritage.

The state of conservation of the Roman theater of Tarragona is the result of the historical evolution and the use of the site for different industrial and urban activities. Thanks to citizen pressure in the 70's with the campaign Salvem el teatre romà, the urban development projects could be stopped.

From this experience, we propose you to carry out a project that makes us reflect on the importance of preserving the heritage and that you investigate about the local heritage.

Choose an element (a building, a natural space, a festival, a speech, a song...) research it and think of an action that claims its defense. What if we make a video clip? What if we make T-shirts? What if we make a TIK-TOK? What if we organize a day to make it known to the population?

Each center, you can adapt the project to your classroom programming.

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Do some research... with the MNAT!

From the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona we want to encourage interest in history and research from childhood. for this reason, during the course 2023-2024 we propose that you investigate how was the food in Roman times, a topic close to children as it relates directly to their daily lives.

How did they eat in Roman times? What were Roman banquets like? What did they eat? How did they eat? How were they dressed? How were the dining rooms of their houses?

We propose that you do a research about food in Roman times and that you end up with a representation of what a Roman banquet would be like based on what you have discovered. With the photographs and videos that you elaborate of this representation we will organize an exhibition in the Museum that will help us to contextualize the preserved pieces from ancient Tarraco, which you can visit with the families.

At the time of registration in the program, from the MNAT we will send you some guidelines and orientations to carry out your research. We will also provide you with a dynamic visit to the MNAT to know first hand that we can provide information to your research and the session of a didactic suitcase with reproductions of objects from Roman times preserved in the MNAT that you can manipulate, explore and use in your representations.

TARGET: early childhood education, initial cycle and middle cycle of primary education.

You can see a compilation of work done by the students of the school La Plana, Vila-Seca, who were working on the project during the academic year 2022-2023.


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Youtube video
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Centcelles our objective

Educational and citizen participation project for heritage, promoted and coordinated by the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona in collaboration with the City Council of Constantí, with the sponsorship of the company Repsol and the participation of all the educational centers of Constantí: Centcelles School, Mossèn Ramon Bergadà School, Institute of Constantí and Turó School.

Its objectives are:

To introduce new ways of access to the knowledge of the Roman period, from a key monument of Constantine, the Monumental Complex of Centcelles, which is a World Heritage Site.

To propose an experience of citizen participation towards the historical and cultural heritage closest to them, with the aim of involving young people in their knowledge, appreciation and dissemination.

To encourage cooperative work among participants, which facilitates the development of attitudes of respect, appreciation and defense of heritage through knowledge and apprehension of it.

To work with new technologies.

To encourage proposals for the knowledge of Centcelles, which can be used by the educational community and society in general.

More information about Centcelles

Research work

From the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona we want to support the research work of high school around the Roman period and classical history to arouse interest among students in research and higher education in the field of social sciences. With the aim of facilitating research and helping students to find ideas to be able to carry out their work, this academic year 2023-2024 we propose 2 research topics and the possibility of guidance from the Museum.

Proposed topics:

Women in ancient Tarraco.

The Roman theater of Tarragona and the citizen campaign "Save the Roman theater".

The Museum will offer students advice and guidance to carry out the research. Therefore, we consider that it is necessary to coordinate with the tutor of the TR. In case you have an interested student, we will send you a coordination proposal to facilitate this collaboration.

We also offer the possibility of presenting the results of the research in a presentation at the Museum itself and publishing the study in digital format for consultation from the web. These actions are intended to recognize research, disseminate it outside the school environment, encourage its quality and act as a reference for future work.


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