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Centcelles, our Objective

A project for citizen education and participation
"Centcelles, Our Objective" is a civic education and participation project involving our heritage. It is promoted and coordinated by the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona in collaboration with Constantí Town Council, with the support of Repsol and the participation of all the educational institutions of Constantí: Escola Centcelles, Escola Mossèn Ramon Bergadà, Institut de Constantí and Col·legi Turó.

Its objectives include

· To introduce new ways of accessing knowledge of the Roman era, based on a key monument in Constantí, the Monumental Complex of Centcelles, a World Heritage Site.
· To propose a civic participation experience based on our nearest historic and cultural heritage, with the aim of involving young people in learning about, appreciating and disseminating it.
· To foster, among the participants, cooperative work that will facilitate the development of attitudes of respect, appreciation and defence of our heritage through knowledge and understanding of it.
· To incentivise proposals for learning about Centcelles that can be used by the educational community and society as a whole.
· To take advantage of the new technologies.
Among the methodological aspects, we can highlight the inclusion of Centcelles in the educational projects of Constantí's schools; the undertaking of a cooperative project (in the classroom, between schools and with the educators); the formalisation of a multidisciplinary project linked to different educational areas, depending on the proposal; the use of the new technologies; and the undertaking of tasks with a practical aim.
The project will be developed in a working group in which all the participating educational establishments will be represented. The group will be coordinated by the MNAT with a participative dynamic and continuous evaluation.
The development phases will be the constitution of the technical team (each academic year) coordinated by the MNAT; definition of the project; the approach to knowledge of Centcelles through workshops and organised activities, the preparation of projects and their joint presentation in a day during which the Centcelles Monumental Complex will be celebrated, coinciding with Constantí Cultural Week at the end of April or the beginning of May (each academic year). The final phase will be the inclusion of all the projects on the MNAT website, with the aim of sharing the work and the knowledge generated with society as a whole and with the world of education in particular.
Each centre will choose the areas and academic levels of the work. During the six years the project has been in operation, participants have included fifth year primary school pupils from the Centcelles and Mossèn Ramon Bergadà schools, secondary school pupils in the first year of the Col·legi Turó and third and fourth years in the Constantí Institute.
Initiated during the 2012-2013 school year, the project has been participated in by nearly 1000 students, 30 educators, those responsible for education in Constantí Town Council and the MNAT team.

The ?Centcelles, Our Objective? project is based on the conviction of the importance of including the general population in the policies of conservation and invigoration of our archaeological heritage, of the need and responsibility to delve more deeply into innovation and educational research in order to transmit historical knowledge and the value of learning about history in building a citizenship with their own criterion, people with a critical view of their own identity, who are able to contextualise it in a global word.
In 2014, it received the Didascàlia Award as part of the Auriga Awards for teaching experiences

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Project dossier: Centcelles, our Objective.
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