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Centcelles hosts the Arqueoxarxa Day - Giravolt 3D

21 November 2023

The Monumental Complex of Centcelles (Constantí) was the host last Monday, November 20, of the Giravolt 3D conference, conducted by Arqueoxarxa and the Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya (MAC).

The conference was aimed at museum professionals of Arqueoxarxa, an institution that brings together the museums and archaeological sites of Catalonia and of which the MNAT is a member. Its objective was to deepen on the processes of dissemination and exploitation of 3D technology techniques, with explanatory sessions aimed at addressing the actions to be carried out from the different museums once the pieces have been digitized.

During the conference, held in the Centcelles Dome room, various practical demos of the applications of 3D models in augmented reality and VR, were presented. Among others, attendees were able to experience firsthand how is it to rise themselves up to the Centcelles Dome through the VR glasses.

In addition, there were other demos about the metavers utilities, 3D printing and other techniques for dissemination and exploitation. 

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