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The Centcelles complex at the Europeanatech Congress

12 October 2023

Our heritage is present at the EuropeanaTech Congress, which takes place in the city of The Hague from October 10th to 12th.

The congress is aimed at professionals, developers, researchers and students from the technology sector working in digital cultural heritage around the world, and offers opportunities to meet, learn and be part of a community dedicated to technology in culture, as well as explore the challenges that topics such as AI and 3D bring to the sector.

On October 10th, Albert Sierra, from the Agència Catalana del Patrimoni Cultural, and Mònica Borrell, showed, among others, the scanning of the monumental complex of Centcelles. A 3D capture that documents the state of the monument and that will serve for its future maintenance and research, carried out by #Giravolt3D through laser scanner, drone and high resolution photogrammetry.

The next day, the presentation "Roman Complex of Centcelles: from the 3D scanning to the VR experience" was held, where the virtual reality experience in which the mosaics of the dome can be observed almost to touch, and which will be experienced for the first time at the European Heritage Days.

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