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The "Nina d'Ivori", sponsored by the school Pau Delclòs of Tarragona

30 November 2023

Students of the school Pau Delclòs of Tarragona have visited this week the TARRACO/MNAT synthesis exhibition, in the Tinglado 4 of Moll de Costa, to learn about the "Nina de Ivori". The visit is part of a project promoted by the school's library, which this year has sponsored this popular piece of the MNAT collection.

During the last few weeks, students of various levels are working from the school library on the articulated ivory doll through a reproduction of the piece provided by the MNAT to the school, as well as a reproduction of a cloth doll also from the Roman period. Some of the groups have been able to complement the project with a visit to Tinglado 4 to see the "Nina d'Ivori" on display, while the families of the center will also receive an invitation to visit the exhibition for free and learn even more about the history of both this piece and Tarraco.

The library of the school Pau Delclòs is proposing various activities to children based on the doll, as for instance, the project using the tale "La Nina d'Ivori. Un passeig per Tàrraco", a collection of stories written by Montserrat Cebrián and Toni Soler Bru, with illustrations by Armand, and protagonized by Vita, a girl from Tarraco in the 4th century AD and owner of the doll.

During their visit to Tinglado 4, the students were able to discover more about this piece, which was found in 1927 during the excavations of the Early Christian Necropolis in Tarragona. It is a doll made of ivory, with articulated arms and legs, and was found inside the sarcophagus of a girl about five or six years old, as part of her funerary offerings.

The educational project is one of the main pillars of MNAT's activity, with a participatory and facilitating proposal for schools. Through initiatives such as MNAT A LA CARTE, we seek the best way to collaborate with the daily activities of schools and provide resources for the different projects they want to implement. You can find more information about the Educational MNAT in this link.

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