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Centcelles to host an open rehearsal of historical reconstruction

9 April 2024

The Monumental Complex of Centcelles, in Constantí, will be the next scenario on april 20th, of a new open rehersal of the historical reconstruction group Septimani Seniores. From 11:30 AM to 13:00 PM, the members of this group specialized on the late-Roman era will settle at the exterior of the monument to perform the different practices of the military training. 

During this new collaboration, the group Septimani Seniores with the MNAT, the visitors will be able to see demonstrations of attack and defense techniques, as well as learn  in detail the objects used by the group in their shows and presentations. Furthermore, this rehersal will be useful to warm up for the Tarraco Viva festival too, where the group will participate with a proposal in the same Monumental Complex of Centcelles, inspired by the hunter scene of the mosaic of the dome. 

The activity will be included in the entrance ticket to the Monumental Complex of Centcelles, with a price of 4 € (2 € in case of reduced tickets; you can check here for other discounts). Previous reservation won't be necessary to attend the rehersal as an audience. 

The Associació de Reconstrucció Històrica Septimani Seniores, was created in 2005 in Tarragona with the aim of reconstruct elements of the daily life of the late antiquity and bringing them to the general public. The group has a multidisciplinary team constituted by archaeologists, craftsmen of metal and wood, researchers, experts in combat techniques and history enthusiasts. 

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