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Successful participation in the Reading Club Llegim el Patrimoni

21 March 2024

Reading Club Llegim el Patrimoni says goodbye to its latest edition this week with a session of debate in the Tinglado 4 about the work read this month: the novel Lavínia by Ursula K. Le Guin. This shared iniciative between the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona (MNAT), the public library of Tarragona and the ONCE Catalunya has had a good reception in this first trimester of 2024 with about thirty people registered and a high participation rate in the different programmed activities. 

Under the title "Tales of Antiquity: empowered women" this edition has entered into the classical miths from the perspective of the female characters, regularly silenced en the Greco-Roman works that have arrived to our times. Led by Joana Zaragoza, the Reading Club Llegim el Patrimoni has presented contemporary works by Robert Graves, Mary Renault and Ursula K. Le Guin that reinterpret many of these stories returning the voice to the women that are also the main character of these tales. 

Moreover, the debate sessions about the works have combined with a list of activities in the MNAT to deepen in the topics discussed. On Saturday 16th of March the guided tour "Històries de Romanes" took place, led by the MNAT curator Ester Ramon, which focused on the look of the women present in the exhibit collection in the Tinglado 4, TARRACO/MNAT. In February, the people registered could also attend at the same place at the conference of Jesús Carruesco and Montserrat Reig about women in the ancient mithology. 

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