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Històries de Tocador. Cosmètica i bellesa a l'antiguitat


04/04/2014 - 29/09/2014

Archaeological museum of Tarraco

Since ancient times, men and women have tried to improve their personal appearance, using all the resources that nature provided them. The use of cosmetics and scented oils, dyes or masks, wigs and hairpieces, comes from ancient times. Now, these secrets are revealed in the exhibition Històries de tocador. Cosmètica i bellesa a l’antiguitat, produced by the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya.

Històries de tocador wants to display how personal care is something common to all ages and invite the visitor to establish links with antiquity through small gestures related to beauty, in which we all recognize.

The magnificent collection of the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, which includes pieces such as the mosaic of the Three Graces, the Venus of Empúries or the exceptional bronze portrait of a Flavian lady coming from  Empúries –an example of the hairstyle of this time- is added a selection of pieces from other museums and collections such as the Institut Ametller d’Art Hispànic de Barcelona, the Museu del Perfum d’Andorra, the Museu de la Perruqueria Raffel Pages, the Museu de Badalona or the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

For the presentation in Tarragona, there have been also incorporated some pieces of MNAT collection, that complements and dialogues with the pieces that forms the exhibition.

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