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Monologues at Tinglado 4 and dramatized tours, main characters of the summer program at MNAT

27 June 2024

The program Estiueja al MNAT proposes from the 15th of July to the 15th of September around thirty activities at the different MNAT centers. The iniciative combines again the heritage with the most educative and ludic proposals that allow the public to get closer to the History of Tarraco from a different perspective. 

As a main novelty, the program incorporates a cycle of monologues and dialogues of historical reconstruction that will take place at the exhibition TÀRRACO/MNAT, at Tinglado 4 of the Moll de Costa of Tarragona. Thanks to the collaboration with the group Thaleia, the possibility to explore the MNAT's collection that is exhibited will be offered from another point of view. 

Specifically, Thaleia will represent four monologues or dialogues of historical reconstruction that will go around some of the pieces that can be found at Tinglado 4. The perfomances will be held at 8 pm and the entrance will also include the acces to the exhibition from 19 pm, and a final tasting too. 

Among others, the respresentations of Thaleia will be focused on characters such as Livia Drusilla, the third wife of the emperor August; Servilia, mistress of Julius Caesar and mother to Marcus Junius Brutus; Fulvia, Augustus' mother-in-law; or the women dedicate to medicine in Roman times. The monologues and dialogues will take place on the following days: 19th of July, 2nd and 23rd of August and 6th of September and the ticket price will be 4 euros. 

Dramatized tours at The Roman Villa of Els Munts

One of the traditional and more successful proposals of the summers at MNAT, the dramatised tours at The Roman Villa of Els Munts, come back once again this year with the collaboration of Caius and Faustina, the lords of this aristocratic residence from mid 2nd century A.D. From 20th of July to 12th of September, every saturday afternoon this tour through the site will be available and will end with a Roman style taste for 8 euros.

The free guided tours at the Theater of Tarraco will come back from the 19th of July to the 13th of September every friday afternoon, while at the Roman Complex of Centcelles four itineraries suggested to get to know the monument and the Pont de les Caixes, will take place on the Sundays 21st of July, 4th of August, 18th of August and 8th of September (price of 5 euros). This proposal will be added to the four free-entrance concerts of the New edition of the Cycle of Concerts at Centcelles, impulsed by the ​Associació d’Amics de la Música and the Ajuntament de Constantí through the month of July. 

On sale since the 1st of July 

The tickets for the paid activities, as well as the free visits at the Theater of Tarraco, will be available at the MNAT webpage as of the Monday 1st of July at 10th am.

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