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Educational Program

The Educational Project of the
National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona

The National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona has in its educational project one of the fundamental pillars of its program, as well as one of the central axes of its ideology, within some global proceedings of conservation, highlight and disseminate the heritage, for which it is responsible.
On this website you will find the proposals in the Education section and on the activities calendar. Whether they are aimed at adults, young people or schoolchildren, the MNAT proposals correspond to a common methodology.
With the motto A journey to the roman culture, the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona presents a program of activities ?consequence of years of work and research- that was deserving of the "Innova Prize" in the category of Services to Education, in its first edition of the Saló Expodidàctica 2004. This program consists of different proposals addressed to diverse public with the fundamental objective of spreading Tarraco and the roman culture, from the patrimonial remains of which the Museum takes care, as well as the equipments and resources with those that he counts out.
It is a programme consisting of different proposals: temporary exhibitions, audiovisuals, guided tours, workshops, historical reconstruction activities, concerts, reading clubs, cinema seasons, itineraries, trips, etc. aimed at providing an engaging, participative and educational approach to a part of our history.
One of the programme's highlights is the series of permanent workshops organised in the different branches of the MNAT that deal with diverse subjects related to Roman history and culture and are aimed at different sectors of the public. They range from an introduction to archaeological methodology to dramatised tours, treasure hunts and experimental workshops - a whole series of proposals designed to encourage the active participation of visitors, with guaranteed learning through their own interests.
Our desire is to act as an instrument at the service of education, bringing society into contact with the direct sources of history preserved by the museum; to propose specific activities focusing on a particular subject or objective; to allow for a high degree of participation, investigation and reflection; that can be proposed from different starting points and, therefore, can be adapted to different interests; that incite interest and an appreciation of history and archaeology and that are of interest to modern society. These are some of the objectives the MNAT is pursuing with its educational project. We aim our proposals at different sectors such as schoolchildren, families, young people, tourists, adults, etc., with permanent and temporary activities (the latter linked to the temporary exhibitions) that provide an opportunity for all those who are interested in coming into contact with our past, our history and our heritage, while seeking maximum accessibility in complicity with other social and cultural agents with similar objectives.
Download the guide of services and didactic activities of the MNAT 2019-2020

aproPA'T. III jornades de didàctica del patrimoni a les comarques de Tarragona i Terres de l'Ebre

Les jornades aproPA'T són un espai de trobada entre el professorat i els professionals dels museus de Tarragona i les Terres de l'Ebre en què s'explora conjuntament el potencial educatiu dels recursos culturals locals.

Es realitzaran el 10 de novembre a l'Espluga de Francolí i el 17 de novembre a Tortosa, de 9 a 14 h.
Les dues jornades són complementàries, però us podeu inscriure a 1 o a les 2 sessions. 

  • Apropar els centres educatius (docents) i els museus (tècnics educatius) i trobar nous models relacionals per apropar el patrimoni als alumnes
  • Aprofundir en estratègies i metodologies educatives innovadores compartides
  • Establir marcs de col·laboració entre escoles i museus
  • Donar a conèixer el patrimoni i les seves possibilitats educatives per a treballar a l'aula
Aquest any les jornades centren la seva temàtica en com els museus poden ser eines per a la transformació pedagògica a les aules. Les jornades comptaran amb la participació de diferents experts en el camp de l'educació patrimonial i d'experiències innovadores dutes a terme pels centres educatius i els museus. 

Podeu consultar el programa de les jornades amb les ponències i dinàmiques aquí.
Us podeu inscriure a  Places limitades
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