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Guided tour of the Roman Theater of Tarragona


10 December 2023

Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.


The Theatre

C/ Sant Magí, 1 43004 TarragonaHow to get there

As expected of a city of its importance, Tarraco had a theater where spectacles were performed, which often accompanied the main religious ceremonies. If you look at the remains of the cavea, the orchestra and the scaena, it is hard to imagine the Romans of Tarraco enjoying these shows.

In the guided tour you will get to know the Roman Theater and its surroundings, and you can visit the recreation of the cavea, made with a linear iron structure that, on the one hand, evokes the powerful grandstand that the Theater would have had in Roman times and makes the visitor understand the size of the monument, recovering the original geometry, while it dialogues with the remains.

Come to one of Tarraco's show buildings, where we will explain what it was like, what shows were performed and what role it played in the urban fabric.

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