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Guided tour of the Theater of Tarraco

Theater of Tarraco

As expected of a city of its importance, Tarraco had a theater where spectacles were performed, which often accompanied the main religious ceremonies. If you look at the remains of the cavea, the orchestra and the scaena, it is hard to imagine the Romans of Tarraco enjoying these shows.In the guided tour you will get to know the Theater of Tarraco and its surroundings, and you can visit the recreation…

30/06/2024 11:00-12:00h

Itineraris pel MNAT

MNAT Itineraries: the essence of Tarraco and its theater

Tinglado 4 in the Port of Tarragona

Join us to visit, every Sunday of the month, the imprints of Tarraco through an itinerary.This Sunday you will discover the Essence of Tarraco and its theater.Get to know eight centuries of Tarraco's history through a visit to the TARRACO/MNAT exhibition and one of the buildings of Tarraco's spectacles, the theater.

07/07/2024 11:00-12:30h

Open day

Open Day

As every first Sunday of the month, the MNAT offers an open day at all its venues, which can be visited for free, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.:- TARRACO/MNAT exhibition. Tinglado 4. Moll de Costa-Port de Tarragona- Necropolis of Tarraco (Tarragona)- Roman villa of Els Munts (Altafulla)- Roman Complex of Centcelles (Constantí)

07/07/2024 11:00-12:30h

Itineraris pel MNAT

MNAT Itineraries: The life of the elites of Tarraco

The Roman Villa of Els Munts

Join us on a tour to visit the imprints of Tarraco in an itinerary.This Sunday we will discover the life of the Tarraco elites.Discover one of the most important villas of Hispania. The residence and its richly decorated thermal complexes show what life was like for the elites of Tarraco.

14/07/2024 11:00-12:30h

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