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Italic terra sigillata cup

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1st century AD

13.8 cm

∅ 17.6 cm rim

∅ 8.3 cm base

Wheel-thrown and moulded pottery

MNAT PME-370-1

A Conspectus R9.2-type Italic terra sigillata cup depicting the death of Hippolytus. Found in the suburbs of Tarraco, it was manufactured in the large potteries of Arretium (Arezzo).

The vessel wall is decorated with the scene of the death of Hippolytus. The hero is shown fallen on a chariot, broken, with the horses agitated, frightened by the appearance of a bull behind some rocks and captured by the Furies, who are kindling torches. Poseidon, seated and guiding a rudder, contemplates the scene. Also watching is a shepherd, leaning on his crook, while some wolves, taking advantage of the his distraction, attack the sheep of the flock.

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